Minimally Invasive Surgery for Herniated Disc

mis patientMinimally Invasive Surgery for herniated discs utilizes dilator tubes and muscle spreading/splitting moves to access critical areas for treatment of herniated discs.  I typically perform up to two discectomies on the same level at different time periods before recommending the need for instrumentation. Patient’s presenting with a chief complaint of leg pain benefit most from this procedure. 

Muscle splitting, minimal access approach

The microscope is brought in with its illumination and magnification and a power precision drill is utilized to remove a small portion of bone exposing ligament covering the nerve endings in question.  The ligament is then removed with different micro-instruments exposing the disc that is compressing the nerve endings.  A small incision is then placed over the disc and only the portion of the disc compressing the nerve endings is removed.  The small 18-22mm incision is closed with absorbable sutures and “glue”.  Patients typically go home the same day of surgery.