Am a candidate for minimally invasive spinal surgery?

mis patientThe treatment of degenerative conditions of the spine consists of a continuum of care ranging from exercise, aqua therapy, weight loss, and physical therapy to epidural steroid injections and lastly, to surgery. For the small segment of the patient population that ultimately requires surgical intervention, we recommend the operative approach that will best achieve the goals of surgery while minimizing the degree of invasiveness.

The vast majority of cases of herniated disc, spinal stenosis and spinal misalignment may be treated effectively with minimally invasive surgery. However, as surgeons who have extensive experience with both traditional “open” surgery and minimally invasive surgery, we tailor each operation based upon the individual patient’s medical history, symptoms, neurologic examination and anatomic findings on imaging studies (MRI, CT and xray) to optimally treat their condition.

MIS surgery for herniated discs isn't for everyone. Some people with elevated body mass indices (BMI) may not be candidates. If your arthritis spans more than 2 levels you may benefit from an open non-MIS procedure. Contact the Atlanta Institute for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery to see if MIS is the right path to take for your spine health.