Device Utilized MIS surgery for Spinal Stenosis "Interspinous Process Spacers"

manSome patients are candidates for interspinous process spaces which place the particular segment in slight flexion, thereby opening up the spinal canal and foramen where the nerve endings exit.   They may also reduce load and pain on the intervertebral discs.  Many patients with spinal stenosis get relief when bending forward (e.g. leaning forward on a shopping cart while in the grocery store).  This device works in the same manner. 

It is an indirect procedure meaning that the compressive structures are not removed, but the environment within the spinal canal is changed in such a way that provides room for the nerves to “breathe”.  The device is inserted in between the spinous processes of the lumbar spine.  One can feel these when touching the middle of the back. 

Some patients will ultimately need a more definitive procedure.  I have performed removals of these devices that stopped working after a few years.  I typically reserve these procedures for elderly patients or patients who are too medically sick to undergo a more definitive non-device utilized MIS procedure for spinal stenosis.